Q: What is the minimum followers amount needed to be eligible to work with YouFamous?

A: We usually take into consideration only requests from users owning 5,000 or more followers. However, we may analyze the individual situation, in case of low fans amount due to previous bans.


Q: Should I be a real life model?

A: Absolutely no. Most of the girls who work with us are just aspiring models, amateur, ordinary exibitionists with a lot of followers. We have some professional models as well, however they represent just a small part of our roster.


Q: Is there any limit about ethnicity, country, age, sex etc?

A: We work with girls only. Must be 18+. And – of course – there is no limit regarding race or country.


Q: Am I supposed to publish porn content?

A: Nope. Every model is completely free to choose, individually, the type of contents she wants to publish on her profile album.


Q: Why should I choose YouFamous?

A: Simply because you don’t need any html or website creation knowledge: we do all the work for you. Our models do only send us their photos and videos they want to publish on their page; we do the rest.


Q: Are all photos and videos safe?

A: Photos and videos included in our models’ profiles are protected and censored. They can be unlocked by individual visitor by completing a small registration. That’s the only way.


Q: How does the Unlocking-Content System work?

A: As soon as someone clicks over a Premium Photo or Video preview, requesting to see its Full Size Uncensored Version, our customized Unlocking-Content System will popup in the middle of the screen, requesting to register into one of our featured offers, in order to unlock the content. Models will earn money basing on the number of registrations completed by visitors that way.


Q: How can the Unlocking-Content System recognize which models are generating registrations?

A: Our whole website is completely tracked by innovative tools which are capable of analyzing the internal traffic, and determine where every single registrations come from. This way we can track all signups generated by certain models, in order to pay them for the results obtained.


Q: What is the minimum payout amount needed to request a payment?

A: We erogate commission payments starting from 25 USD. It means you need to reach 50 registrations only before receiving your first salary.


Q: How can I receive the money earnt through my own YouFamous profile page?

A: We currently offer two different payment methods: Payoneer and PayPal.


Q: When am I supposed to receive the commissions generated with my activity?

A: We use the NET30 payment system. This means you will receive the money generated in a certain month, directly 30 days later. Example: all registrations made from April 1st to 30th will be paid on May 30th.


Q: How can I eventually delete my membership?

A: Whenever you wish to stop working with us, feel free to simply send us an email requesting cancellation from this service, and we will delete your whole account data (including all Photos and Videos) within 24 hours.